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We are all affected by what happens around us to one degree or another.  Often, however, it gets pushed aside because so many of us simply accept it as "the norm".  This is not a bad thing.  The brain likes automatic pilot; one less thing for it to worry about.

However, when we are given a chance to look at all the forces that influence our lives on a daily basis, such as culture, society, the subtle influences of language, gender expectations, to name a few, we can begin to notice what is working and what is not.

Now since we are not always aware of, and maybe not entirely comfortable with, what we might find when we start to explore our stories, "noticing" can be easier said than done.

That is why it is so important to remember to be as kind, non-judgmental, and curious as possible as we explore your story; one that is often brand new territory.

By approaching it from this direction, we can discover your passions, your values, how your brain organizes your experiences (i.e., what it focuses on and what it ignores) and find new, more affirming avenues for you to try out. 

Just by trying something different, you are rewriting your story and rewiring your brain in the process.

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