Why am I not over this yet? Why do I keep on running into the same problems? Am I not trying hard enough? Am I going crazy?

Any of those questions sound familiar?  Do you find yourself constantly asking the same questions over and over but finding you feel worse rather than better?  Do you wonder if your boundaries have been crossed or violated?  Have you found it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to talk about this to anyone else for fear of judgment or shame?  Did something happen to me that I do not remember?  Was it something bad?  How do I even begin to talk about this? 

Sexual assault, rape, molestation, sexual abuse in childhood...they all totally screw with your head; make you doubt your reality or even who you are as a person.  It is quite simply utterly dehumanizing.  And it permeates into every aspect of our lives.

The good news, you are not going crazy; you are living with the maddening effects of trauma.  And still more good news, I specialize in sexual trauma. I can help. 

You are not alone in this.

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